Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Hope is a known word that means not to be worried and hope on what ever you wish to happen will happen with hope and patience. Hope comes from a biblical point of view to be meant for things that need faith and hope. For hope to be restored someone has to address that something to be made come true. Here is a story about hope. People go through the worst type of living in their lives. Most people adapt to their living conditions and do not worry about it. But there is always a piece missing for individuals. People from mexico suffer from the living conditions they have to live through and deal with the police officers who are corrupt and treat these people with no respect. It is almost seen as a savage world. Mexicans however, have always found hope by using religion to substitute it. They host fiestas to show hope in their communities and to resemble united people are always powerful. Hope in their eyes is so beautiful and shows strong traits. Everyone helps one in other when they are asked and know one often disrespects one in other. Hope has always been something in our lives that has been seen as an  excuse for the wants or needs. Hope is a little voice you hear whisper when they entire world is shouting no! Accomplishments are made when you have hope with the struggles you go through. One must continue their fight and make an effort to move forward with hope and patience. It is not impossible to make things that seem impossible happen. You can be a millionaire with hope that you can be. You can be a business man or women with hope and confidence. You can be whoever you want to become with hope, perseverance, determination, and commitment. You can do it with hope and all the support you can get.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas

In Ursula Le Guin's story "The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas" she is telling a story about a society that is almost perfect and the people of Omela are always happy and joyful. Despite the people being happy all the time there always a reason for everything. The cruel part about this society is how they have a boy/girl in a basement were it is neglected and not givin the values of what it's society has to offer. This person in the basement does not see sunlight it is abused and suffering tremendously. Omela people go and see the child because it is their obligation to see it. It is there law and as Omela citizens to see this person. The representation of the child can be seen as a scapegoat which means a sacrifice or is the burden of the society. All the blaming and mistakes that are done are thrown onto the child, which it is abused and suffers what others go through. I wouldn't know how to really describe this society with our own, but I would say that we blame things on each other and people do not own up to what they have done. The truth is better said than hidden, because you will only create a habit to blame others. Walking away from the problem is something people tend to do. It has a positive and negative affect. The positive can be for their own new beginning to start something new in their life. The negative can be a neglect they have about something they do not agree on so they ignore the reality of it.  It is hard to understand that this story has to be so great but there will always be something bigger than it is.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Social Justice

The blog post I was watching was on, "The Urgency of intersectionality " discusses the problems and harrasement most colored people go through when they are stopped by police. People who are mostly bothered and stopped by police are mostly colored and are not doing anything wrong. This TED talk provides information about the injustice that these people went through and how even gov't officials do not do anything about the problem we have. Or anybody for that matter. If one person notices the discrimination they should say something. But what is wrong is when they are addressed for what they did and what they are doing, they deny and work around the obvious. That is something our country suffers from, and then asked why we are so divided. We are divided as a country because people let other control them mentally. By being brainwashed that mistreating and discrimination exist in our country, they have no idea that they are doing that and do not catch themselves. For example, society shows us how a police officer pulls over a black man for driving a very nice car. That black person is pulled over only because he is driving a nice car. The police officer would say all these other police things and of course harass the citizen for asking questions and telling the officer whats up. My thoughts on discrimination is mostly set aside because I can say that I can not judge someone until I see an action that defies them. You can only judge someone if they have done the wrong on their own and make up a lie of excuse to cover up. But what social justice means and what it is trying to put out is how people of color are not being treated fairly from others only because they are of different color. Color shall not define oneself, as for oneself is accountable for themselves. The actions people make by doing bad things deserve to be contained fairly in law, but now and days there is so much mistreatment that they do not help those who made bad choices. Issues today that relate to social justice are protest about their color like; Black lives matter, All lives matter... etc But also the social opportunities that everybody deserve does not happen most of the time, because from regulation and rules, but what i mean by regulation is about people doing the same thing over and over again and doing nothing but making them hate their jobs even more. If we all helped each other when we need the help our lives would feel much more comforting and having trust in our neighbor. Sadly none of that exist and no one wants to put the effort for that to happen, however there will always be certain individuals that will help other and stand up against social justice and that everyone who deserves to be treated correctly will be.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

David Steindl-Rast: Want to be happy? Be grateful

In his 2013 TED talk, David Steindl-Rast talks about the idea of wanting happiness is to be grateful. He does not argue opinions about how happiness is full filled. He gives his own opinion about being grateful for what you have and what is givin. How we imagine happiness is different from each individual. But what we all have in common is to be happy. Now his topic in his talk is gratefulness and how it can be connected between happiness. He explains how when you are happy you are grateful. He means that without you knowing there is more to be grateful about than you know. He says that those who search for their happiness will not full fill it. People who are misfortune are usually those who are genuinely happy. Most people would be surprised about that, but what they do know is that gratefulness is happiness.

In this TED talk, I learned about how simply being gratefulness for what you have live for the moment does full fill your happiness. Stressing over being happy just makes thing worse for yourself, but when you realize about being grateful for the simplest really does make you feel great. Being joyful also full fills the need to be happy. Joy is what is related to gratefulness.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Summary and reflection on Gilbert´s talk

       In his 2004 TED talk, Dan Gilbert challenges the idea that we´ll be miserable if we don´t get what we want. Our ¨psychological immune system¨ lets us feel truly happy even when things don´t go as planned. Gilbert begins exploring about the human brain tripling in mass. The brain gained a new structure called the ¨frontal lobe¨, also called the ¨pre-frontal cortex¨. The pre-frontal cortex developed an experience simulator. This simulator does things like; having experiences in their head before they do them in real life. Something that the simulator developed in your brain is called ¨impact bias¨ it makes you think of two different outcomes to more different to in fact they really are. Dan Gilbert states from the ¨impact bias¨, ¨From field studies to laboratory studies, we see that winning or losing an election, gaining or losing a romantic partner, getting or not getting a promotion, passing or not passing a college test, on and on, have far less impact, less intensity and much less duration than people expect them to have¨. (3:32) These things have no impact on your happiness because us human beings have something called a ¨psychological immune system¨. It is a cognitive process in your brain that gives you views of the world to make you feel better about the world in which they live in. There are two types of happiness that this scientist claims which are, ¨synthetic happiness¨ and ¨natural happiness¨. Synthetic happiness is what we make when we don´t get what we want. For example, if we aimed to ace that math test but did not get that grade we intended to get. So we make up thoughts of happiness to full fill it. Natural happiness is when you do not expect it at all and you are in the present moment doing something that makes you feel good. 

     Dan Gilbert's implications about science of happiness has me wondering more about the people who took the test that this scientist did on them. Everybody has different feelings and opinions about their own happiness. The way they express themselves, the way they perceive things is different from everybody. We all grew up differently. We experienced different things, but Dan Gilbert is trying to find the way happiness is truly felt. From synthetic to natural, from however you want to see happiness we all experience differently. The beauty about human beings is how we feel when we do not even take notice or acknowledge happiness or the feeling we have when we get lost in the moment. I would not disagree with the implications that Dan Gilbert said, but I would have a different opinion on how he described how happiness is experienced. 

Monday, January 9, 2017


Image result for freedom            My name is Austin Pacheco, and I am writing about happiness. This is a great question for people to answer, but many do get confused and unsure the value that happiness has in their life. They think very deeply when they are in the moment, and most come up with the typical happiness response. You would really want, to be honest with yourself with what brings happiness to your heart.  Happiness is something important to me because it brings real value to my life and makes me think about the true meanings that I am thankful of. Happiness is a beautiful thought that comes in mind, many memories that I have myself give me so much happiness and gives me the passion for making better memories. I love living in the moment and taking advantage of the freedom of happiness I have to expand and show to others. I guess that brings me to what else makes me bring happiness to my heart is being able to help others and make others smile and see love in their eyes.